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The onsite management promotion conference of Qinghe factory of Yili Group was held
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In order to fully implement the awareness of "5S" in the factory and mobilize the company to improve the site management level, the "Site management mobilization Meeting" was held in Qinghe Factory of Hebei Yili Rubber & Plastic Group Co., Ltd. on June 11, 2020. All the staff in all operation workshops and functional departments of Qinghe Factory participated in the mobilization meeting.

Wang Chuizhi, the factory manager, emphasized the necessity of site management to employees, pointing out that "5S" management in site management is the cornerstone of modern enterprise management. We plant ideas and reap actions; Sow the action, reap the habit; Sow habit, reap character; Sow character, reap destiny. "5S" is this kind of continuous sowing and harvesting process. The conference set the workshop as the unit, monthly evaluation; The workshop is divided into groups to conduct intra-group evaluation and let every employee participate in the promotion plan of mutual supervision, mutual learning and mutual growth. In his speech, he also elaborated on the operation of Qinghe Factory in 2020: During the epidemic, Qinghe Factory explored a new situation, broke through numerous difficulties, and delivered a satisfactory reply to the group company. He hoped that the staff could continue to carry forward the spirit of Yili and make new and greater contributions to the company's development.

The general ranking of 5S in May 2020 was announced at the mobilization meeting, and the filter element workshop and injection molding workshop won the first and second place respectively. Wang Chaozhi, the site manager, handed over the 5S mobile red flag to the filter element workshop, hoping that the filter element workshop would continue to maintain a good site and play a demonstration role for other workshops. The mobilization meeting also awarded honor certificates and prizes to the advanced individuals in 5S field management.

Fan Zhenbin, the director representative of the 5S promotion team, told us that THE 5S management has only a starting point and no end point. We should have confidence, determination and perseverance, practice good quality, keep the normal pace and never stop.

The improvement of 5S field management is not only the task of the operation workshop, but also the necessary assistance and supervision of functional departments. At the mobilization meeting, representatives from all functional departments made statements on the promotion of the activity. Representatives from all departments agreed that 5S work is the cornerstone of promoting the development of the company and a favorable guarantee for improving the quality of the company. Departments should overcome difficulties to ensure the smooth progress of 5S management.

At the pep rally, staff representatives from all departments wrote their vows on the oath wall:

Through this mobilization meeting of site management, all employees have realized the importance of site management and participated in the improvement activities of site management. Each employee starts from himself, keeps learning, and strives to improve his or her quality and become a high-quality employee. In the company to create a good atmosphere, for the enterprise to strive for greater benefits. We believe that Yili and our future will be more brilliant.

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