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Fuel Filter
Long Life Fuel Water Separator

Product Features

Extra long maintenance cycle

low maintenance cost

full life oil and water separation

Product Features

Overall dimensions(mm):173 X 264 X 473

Mileage of maintenance: 50,000-100,000 km

Connection mode of inlet and outlet :M18 X 1.5/ quick-insert joint Operating environment :-40°C~80°C

Filtration efficiency :≥95%@4 m,≥99%@ 10 m

Water separation efficiency :≥95%, lifetime water separation efficiency ≥85%

Product Features

Independent hydrophobic layer technology can realize the whole life oil-water separation

Replaceable core structure design, multi-layer composite nanofiber filter material, extend the maintenance mileage, lower maintenance cost

Intelligent temperature control dual heater module can realize the independent thawing function of filter element and water collecting cup

The integrated oil return auxiliary heating module makes full use of the oil return temperature auxiliary filter element thawing

Electric pump compulsory exhaust structure patent, effectively avoid low pressure pipeline gas resistance problem

High strength engineering materials are adopted to realize temperature resistance, impact resistance and visualization